Reviewers love it when they are the first to spot a great new app. App Boiler makes it easier for them to connect with the developers that create those apps.

Review Priority

Provide us with the app link and description, and we'll manually submit it to review sites.

Press Submission

The more people that know about your app, the more downloads you'll get. It's as simple as that. App review exposure = downloads.

Boost App Downloads

The Process

000000726The first step is to decide which marketing package meets your scope and budget. All the packages we offer come with a two-page website, free domain registration, Google indexing, promocode distribution, automatic press kits and campaign analytics.

At App Boiler we know these are the basics for a good app marketing strategy. Think of these basics as your “fuel” or “coal” that need to be lit. The “spark” would then be the press releases, website submissions and video reviews that initiate the flames. Without having your own website or press kits, it would be pointless to have press releases. That would be like trying to light a rock.

Our campaigns are designed to maximize effectiveness, so that you get the results you expect. Don’t light rocks, light rocket fuel.


Submit Information

canisterTo begin your marketing plan we will need some resources. We can help you put these resources together, such as your press kit. But you will have to be ready to supply other information. This includes: your app link, information to go on your website, desired domain name, app screenshots, promocodes and anything else that could help us market your app.

Once you register for a package we will contact you within 24 hours to collect these details.


Let the Distribution Begin!

We deliver your app’s website, campaign tracking, Google indexing, website submission, press releases and app reviews all within 7-21 days. The delivery time will depend on the marketing plan that you choose. During this time you can track both analytics for your site, and iTunes traffic that is generated through press releases and app reviews. Once the campaign is complete, you will still be able to track your results. Marketing campaigns continue to grow after they are launched so that’s why we continue to monitor them.


Distribution works by manually submitting your site and press kits to app review websites. However, it is up to them if they want to review your app. We don’t believe in paid reviews because they cause distrust among app users and app reviewers. That is why we’ve sworn the O.A.T.S. pledge; to insure that we don’t mix business with accurate editorial reviews.

However having a website and press  kit greatly increases the interest of app reviewers. We also guarantee a number of press releases and video reviews in our plans. So even if reviewers don’t feature your app on their site, you will get exposure no matter what.

Offering promocodes for reviewers to share with their readers makes your app extremely likely to be featured. If a reviewer requests promocodes, we will give them some of the ones you supplied us. App reviews that feature promocodes also generate a lot of buzz with readers and app enthusiasts.

Watch Your Campaign Analytics Live

us__en_us__ibm100__predictive_crime__memphis__620x350We’ve already mentioned this once, but we should mention it again. All of the traffic you receive from your marketing plan is trackable in real time! You will be able to keep track of reviewers as they review your app, request promo codes and download your press kit. You will even be able to track how many people click the iTunes link for your app through press releases.

If marketing your app was like launching a rocket, then tracking its progress would be like the command center. The command center is necessary to you know if you “landed” your rocket. Without tracking the effectiveness of your campaign you wouldn’t even know if we delivered what we promised! You wouldn’t put a rocket on the moon without a command center, so why boil your app without analytics?

Absolutely fabulous work!

We don’t know what else to say. You did a awesome job. We really appreciate your time on this project and will be back in touch with anything else we may need!
Buster Ball
Full Sea